Garage Door Inspection

Garage Door Inspection by Advantage Garage Door

Your garage door is probably the biggest moving part of your house which is most likely used every day.

With regular usage most garage door parts will eventually wear down, crack and  even break, possibly creating a likely safety hazard or damage to your property.

Garage Door InspectionA garage door inspection in Denver, Centennial, Parker, Aurora or Highlands Ranch can help you avoid mechanical failures, increase your family’s safety and your peace of mind as well as prolong the useful life of your garage door with a simple check by Advantage Garage Door.

A proper garage door inspection includes checking cables, door springs, hinges, screws/bolts, rollers, as well as safety devices to be sure they are fastened, secured and in correct working order.

Also as a part of our Insepction we will check the balance of the garage door. If the door is out of balance then your garage door springs may need adjusting or replaced.

 Advantage Garage Door will check to see that when the door is opened manually (without the use of the opener) that it goes up and down smoothly.

Keep in mind that even the highest quality springs will eventually wear out and fail. We recommend replacing springs if they show signs of wear like bent or damaged ends as well as uneven gaps between the coils.

Advantage Garage Door Inspections include checking all the cables for fray. We can replace frayed cables immediately for your family’s safety and to avoid possible damage to your home or vehicles.

An Advantage Garage Door Inspection will also include checking your garage door pulleys for nicks or excessive wear that can cause damage to the cable. We will recommend replacing worn pulleys if necessary to guard against cable failure.

Checking to see that the garage door tracks are level and plumb is another important part of our garage door inspection because the door track should line up parallel with the door sections with out binding to avoid possible failure or damage.

Again, a good Inspection should also include checking your:

  • lag screws 
  • track brackets
  • hinges and bracket screws
  • reversing mechanism (if equipped)
  • photo eyes (if equipped)

With annual garage door inspections and maintenance in Centennial, Highlands Ranch, Aurora, Parker or Denver, the average garage door can safely provide many additional years of trouble free service for you and your family.

Garage Door Inspection