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Garage Door Cable Replacement by Advantage Garage Door

 Garage Door Cable Repair ReplacementGarage Door Cable replacement may be required if you notice that your garage door is slightly uneven in the closed position. This occurrence may be due to a frayed cable that usually causes it to stretch a bit on one side.

This is easily noticed when your garage door is closed because one corner of the door is higher than the other.

Advantage Garage Door is experts at garage door cable replacement in Centennial, Dener, Aurora, Parker and Highlands Ranch. 

You may notice a gap on one corner of the floor because usually one garage door cable has stretched out longer than the other garage door cable when it becomes frayed or weak.

The cables that help to lift and lower the door carry a heavy load each time it is opened and closed so normal wear and stress occurs over time.

This is normal and the main reason that we recommend annual garage door inspections to insure that your door continues to serve the needs of you and your family for the next year.

Since the garage door is typically very heavy to work with we recommend that even most “Do it yourself’ers” should leave garage door cable replacement to the professionals. 

Garage Door Cable BrokenTo check the cables of your garage door for possible fray damage then look at the cable just inside the top door corners when door is closed to get a good look at them.

Remember that most garage doors can be very heavy so we recommend that if you see and type of damage that you call us immediately and avoid using the door until the garage door cables have been replaced or the door has been repaired.

If you need garage door cable replacement in Denver, Centennial, Aurora, Parker or Highlands Ranch call us at 303-400-5056 and we will be out ASAP!

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