Garage Door Springs by Advantage Garage Door

 Garage Door SpringsGarage Door Springs or torsion springs act as a counterbalance to the weight of the garage door which makes it much easier to close and open it.

As an example, if your garage door weighs about 500 pounds, then a spring force of 500 pounds would be needed to pull against the weight of your door to make it easier to open and to close.

Garage Door Springs like any other spring that is used on a regular basis (daily) will eventually wear out or break and will need to be replaced.

Torsion Garage Door Spring repairs or replacements are better left to professional garage door repair companies because of the amount of torque that is in a wound up spring.

There are other parts as well that are tied to this spring system which also makes their repair or replacement a safety issue for most home owners.

Garage Door SpringsDeaths and serious injuries have occurred to those who do not understand the tremendous forces at work for these types of repairs.

Advantage Garage Door installation and repair services will safely repair or replace your garage door springs or torsion springs in a timely fashion at a fair price without you needing to worry about these safety issues.

 Do you have broken Garage Door Springs?

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Garage Door Springs