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Garage Door Security by Advantage Garage Door

 Garage doors can be a weak point when it comes to looking at the security holes in a whole house protection approach and a predictable target for robbers or thieves. The Garage door is not the only a focus, but provides criminals a shelter once inside. To a normal passerby an open garage with a work truck parked next to it doesn’t look too out of place or possibly scream thief.

Garage Door Security Liftmaster 8550When it comes to Garage Door Security, securing your garage door doesn’t just mean having a roll-up door; as you might see in a bad business area of any major city, but you do need to look at every entrance point of your home as a vulnerable access point.

Loss of any kind is devastating to your family, but one that can happen through an avoidable measure simply should not occur.

There are some notable things you should do to increase your Garage Door Security and improve the safety of your home.

The newest or more modern garage door openers or operators now feature that is known as rolling-code technology, where your controller will transmit a different security code every time you use your remote control.

With over 100 million codes, the likelihood of a code grabber being successful is pretty slim. Make certain that your new garage door opener operator features this rolling-code technology for superior garage door security protection.

Advantage Garage Door recommends the ultra-quiet LiftMaster 8550 that uses excellent security technology. Read more by clicking on our flyer above. We recommend the LiftMaster 8550 for its advanced security in the Denver metro area including Centennial, Aurora, Highlands Ranch and Parker.

One common mistake that most people do and really don’t consider a problem is to leave the garage door remote in their car because if a thief enters a vehicle and steal the remote they have a way into your home.

Garage Door Security key chain remoteYou should instead consider a key chain remote control garage door opener and stop using that remote that you clip to your visor. You should get a key chain remote opener that you can leave on your car keys and keep with you all the time.

Advantage Garage Door will also show you how to secure your garage door emergency release so that it is not as easy to access from outside the door to increase your garage door security.

Another great security measure that you should consider is to simply put a deadbolt on the door between your house and garage and get in the habit of keeping it locked. Is it really an inconvenience to have to use a key each time you come home rather than to be robbed?

Make sure that the door from the garage that comes into your home has the same security strength as your front door. It should be a strong, sturdy door preferably reinforced steel or solid-core wood with an anti-kick device on it.

Do not make a habit of leaving your garage door open. You are just inviting anyone to go in and grab anything. Regardless of how safe you think your community is, remember that good neighborhoods are normally the first place thieves like to go into, to case houses.

These are just a few suggestions and will be happy to discuss others with you personally with you during your next garage door security inspection in Denver, Aurora, Centennial, Parker and Highlands Ranch.

Garage Door Security